Farmer’s Market (SAT) – SBIPG –

After my 3 months long sabbatical from SBIPG (Santa Barbra International Photography Group), I finally collected enough strength to get moving with Saturday morning Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market for another edition of SBIPG shootout.  I needed some informational images of the farmer’s market for a new website for Photography Workshops (URL not established yet).  Who knows some of the SBIPG members’ a shot(s) look really cool that I might have to ask image usage rights!!

Nancy from Fair Hills farms said this “Visually Distressed” has been very popular items.

Free Samples, Yeeha!

Angela getting her shots

Gary getting his shots

Young and talented Jamie.  She does events if you are interested: Here’s her Press Kit.

SBIPG Members: Tina examines, Angela smiles and Dennis takes a shot of me

© Photo by Dennis. Yep, Dennis got me

SBIPG Members: Nancy, Gary and Tina

Smiley Mom and Daughter: Roz and Francis

SBIPG Member Tina striking a pose

SBIPG Member Tiffanie came along earlier than anybody else

Angela takes a pic of…

…me taking a pic of Gary taking a pic of a carrot.

Angela steps in, Tina Zooms in and Gary follows a blond

Balloon Man, Martin does birthday parties and other events.  805-280-6177 Kids love him (or love his balloons)

. . .

After an eventful photographic morning some of us gathered and talked cameras, lens, aperture, shutter and other only-photographers-get-excited-technical-this-and-that at a Jeannie’s Bakery in Downtown SB.  All I can say now is that Jeannie’s has a super yummy stuff there.

Angela and Dennis’s Banana something..

Tina’s Quesadilla something..

Gary’s some kind of Ham Sandwich..

A simple bagel and a glass lemonade for Kenji (cuz I’m watching my waist line..)

. . .


2 responses to “Farmer’s Market (SAT) – SBIPG –

  1. Love the pictures of the bell peppers!


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