Saturday Morning Hike: Jesusita Trail

Here you go guys (muchachos) images from Hiking up the Jesusita Trail this morning.  We started 7:45AM and reached its highest point (I think) about 9:20AM.  We took few breaks (some more than others) and took photos and video.  We returned to our starting point about 11:45AM.  To my surprise, I enjoyed it very much.  Plenty of water and some munches were a great idea, indeed.  Whew!

Magnificent Seven (Siete Magnifico)

Up we go

First group at the top

A break time for Oscar

As we descend, this beautiful girasol solo (single sunflower) greets us.

I think these guys are professional hikers.  They have just about everything they need for hiking, and only thing they need now is a cappuccino machine.

Rene top of the World

Miguel top of the world

Kenji top of the World

Marcus top of the World

Another break for Oscar

Yet another break for Oscar

Little Stone Totems I (or Stone Trail Markers)

Little Stone Totems II (or Stone Trail Markers)

Little Stone Totems III (or Stone Trail Markers)

Little Stone Totems VI (or Stone Trail Markers)

“The Spot” (According to Rene)

Ay! por favor, Tenga cuidado varòns (OMG, please be careful dudes!)

Toma una foto ahora mismo!

New and hip: a sweater marker

菜の花畑 – 小学校の頃をおもいだすぜ

A poop marker

A yellow ribbon marker

. . .

. . .


Total in and out hiking length = 2 miles
Total climbing distance = .8 miles
Difficulty : Medium
Casual Hiking Pace: 1.5 hours
Fast Hiking Pace: 1 hours
Total elevation difference: 886 feet  (It’s about 1200 feet from sea level)

More about Hiking, click here

. . .


4 responses to “Saturday Morning Hike: Jesusita Trail

  1. Indeed a great time!

    Next week… Sunday hike to…. Will see.
    Cheers you all!


  2. I really enjoyed the trip, I wasn’t too sure the night before :), as a matter of fact I was hoping for rain.

    Thanks for the memories.


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