Saturday Morning Hike: San Ysidro Trail

When other five of our regular guys kept their bed warm this morning, Rene and I were the only ones hit the San Ysidro Trail. (Not because of that, but we started late this morning, 7:50AM)

Rene Stretching

It looks like an outhouse but it’s not.  Perhaps some kind of utility shed.

Beautifully constructed organic fence around a private property.

Rene takes a shot of down below, Montecito/Santa Barbara and Pacific Ocean.

Sage waits at this junction to select who she wants to tag along for her daily walk.  Fortunately, it was us she liked and she followed us all the way to the top (water fall) and back, and we had so much fun together.  She was such a good team player (she never left neither Rene nor I behind).  We spoke with the owner on the phone and he told us that that’s what she does often with hikers.  VERY friendly doggy-poo.  Thanks Sage!

Happy dogs

A Rock Cave = A Kodak Moment

A plaque on the rock cave above.

Sage was thirsty.

Not a good place to camp.









Still going…

…. and Eureka!!

Happy Sage after her swim.

Sage being pensive after her swim.

Ascending – We found this Stone Trail Marker at 9:58AM

Descending – We found same Stone Trail Marker at 11:16AM  (Who and Why?)

. . .


3 responses to “Saturday Morning Hike: San Ysidro Trail

  1. Sorry I miss the hike this past weekend, but needed to take some classes. It looks you guys had a lot of fun :). Thanks for the pics.

    See you around Kenji


  2. I am glad you guys missed it (just kidding)(not), look at the beautiful trail…

    Hope you can make it next time dudes!
    René Correa


  3. that’s right!! vamos a la trail proximo!!!


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