Blast From The Past

After 2010 Spring Cleaning, I discovered a VHS TAPE with few video clips in a box buried deep in a storage space.  I had my friend convert them to movie files.

This “slideshow” (analog) was produced as a part of my college graduation project in 1989.

Erotic Kink (03:28)


There were three community pieces (amatures) before professional performances at Campbell Hall, UCSB for International Tap Dance Day in 1995.  I’m the 5th one from the right.  Remember the word, “Amatures”.

International Tap Dance Day (01:37)


Early Saturday morning, Santa Barbara 1997

Me Bike Ouch (00:19)


Summer Solstice Rehearsal 1997.



Santa Barbara Summer Solstice 1997.



Father’s Day Greeting, 1997




2 responses to “Blast From The Past

  1. Hey, I love those videos!! I sure looked liked I loved you!!


  2. Wow, Kenji, looks I really loved you!


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