SBIPG: Question about Watermark

Gary (SBIPG) asked me how he could watermark his photographs.  Sharing this info with rest of SBIPG members seems like a good idea.  Thanks, Gary!


To protect your images online, or when you deliver finished quality proofs to client, you will want to embed a watermark into your image for your protection.  Your name or name of your business can become a good watermark icon.

1. Make a new image file at 72 dpi that is SQUARE (5″x5″).

2. OPTION > G on a Mac OR ALT 0169 on PCs (this creates the copyright symbol; ©), then select the type tool and type your name (I prefer simple one).  Select middle gray as your type color.  Use a clean type face and type in ALL CAPS.

3. Enlarge or reduce the type size until the typed line fills the box edge to edge.  Leave a little space right and left of the typed line and set the type.

4. You can transform the type layer (COMMAND > T or CONTROL >T on a PC) and enlarge it to your desired size.  (200% pictured)

5. Now, RASTERIZE the type (LAYER > RASTERIZE > TYPE).  This makes the background transparent and turns the image into a vector image which will enlarge and reduce and still stay sharp.  Your watermark is complete.  Save this file as a .psd (photoshop) file with the file name of your choice.  (the YEAR + watermark.psd is good one because you would want to update it every year.

6. Drag the rasterized watermark LAYER into any image.  It will probably come in at the wrong size for your file so select TRANSFORM (command > T; control >T on a PC) and resize it to the appropriate size for each file (drag the corner bounding box with the shift key held to keep the enlarge or reduce proportionate).

7. Watermark everything, including your underwear.


I learned this when I took a Linda Lowell’s Photoshop class at SBCC.  Thanks LInda!!!!

. . .


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