How to adapt a dog

I guess all you need is love to adapt a dog (besides your financial security, a place where you can have a dog and that you are a responsible mature individual).  My new roommate Walter has been checking out K9-PALS (a part of SB County Public Health Department Animal Services) for this young 2-year-oldish doggy about a month or so, and I was fortunate enough to witness the holy matrimony…, I mean a happy adaption process.  He named her Guapita  (pronounce/gu-a-pi-ta).  It means “a pretty little one” in Spanish.  This is sooooo good for everyone!  Walter was happy, Guapita was happy and I was happy and totally made my day.  K9-PALS did such a great job helping the world a better place one doggy at a time. (or kitty, bunny…)

Guapita knew Walter very well already.

Guapita feels at home.

We now know that french kissing our nostril is Guapita’s favorite thing to do.

This is where they let the dogs run freely and see how they (or us) behave.

They were going over few things such as how the dog got here, medical issues, habits, and etc…

Our counselor Jenny was super great.

Paying necessary fees and starting registration (ownership) process.

Go over more things…lots of things.  K9-PALS and Jenny were incredible knowledgeable and helpful, and made us feel totally at home.

Guapita checking me out.

Guapita overseeing the paper work.

Jenny, Walter and Guapita happy.

Guapita soooo ready to go home.

. . .

Santa Barbara County Health Department – Animal Services
5473 Overpass Rd.
SB, CA 93111

. . .


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