The Day of Chicks (Gril Power!!) ひなまつり

Hinamaturi (ひなまつり/日本語) is an annual celebration (March 3rd) in Japan for girl’s well-being, fortune and happiness for many years to come.  I have seen and known this event when I grew up in Japan but I don’t personally have experience on this event.  I believe my family had celebrated for my sister when she was a little girl but I wasn’t  around yet (we have very big age gap).  I’ve read somewhere that you could cook something for your daughter instead of going whole Hinamatsuri activity (costly), so I guess I could cook Chirashi-Sushi (Sushi rice cooked with variety of ingredients, thus happy and pretty) for my would-be daughter.  I don’t have kids yet but if I did, that’s what I would do for her.  Heck, I’m gonna cook it this evening for my future daughter!

. . .


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