Have you seen me?

Well, not me really, but I’d like to know who these people are.  I know Gandhi (#1) and J.C. (#3), right?  Does anyone know who rest of these people are?  They are some kind of religious or spiritual figures, yes?  (I’m just guessing….)  A friend of mine gave me this mini (portable) shrine made of heavy duty glossy card stock, and neither she nor I knew who they really were.  No information on back of this thing either.  So, could someone help?

#1 – Gandhi                                    #2


#3 – J.C.                                     #4


#5                                          #6


Full View (8″ x 18″)



4 responses to “Have you seen me?

  1. paramahansa yoganada is #5, lord krishna is #4, sri yukteswar is #6, number 1 is not gandhi but lahiri mahasaya and #2 is babaji.
    if you check out srf (self realization fellowship) on google then you can find out more. i really was into it when i was in my 20’s and 30’s. there is a shrine in pacific palisades.


  2. why would someone give you this and not know who they are? it is a table shrine. i use to have one.
    i love yogananda’s lessons.


  3. Thank you so ever much Gigi!!!!!!!!


  4. gigi, you are amazing!!!
    I have also learned that four of them–except #3 and #4–are on the album jacket of sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club band.
    Thank you guys!


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