Koko Harrison 1998 – 2010

Koko Harrison

Koko bounded playfully into the world June 1st, 1998.  She was a mixed blood, Border Collie & Bouvier mix, though she preferred to be associated with her noble ancestry of the Belgian Cattle Dog.  Though Koko didn’t get to round up any cattle, she was a good watch dog.  She loved chasing tennis ball, fresh carrots, and though she preferred not to get her hair wet by going underwater, she loved to play in the waves, allowing her hair to flow in the wind.  After all, cattle dogs aren’t supposed to swim.

On her first day of school, Koko and her classmates were assigned their first lesson to walk along side a few helium balloons with their parents.  Well, Koko was not one to align herself with mediocrity as she knew balloons were not meant to be ignored.  When it was her turn, Koko went right up to a balloon and pounced on it.  It exploded with a quick pop sending everyone into joyous laughter.  Koko learned early that though her spontaneity may not impress her doggie instructor, her playful spirit had the power to positively affect the humans around her, especially her family.

Koko left this joyous life March 21, 2010.  She will forever be loved by her parents Wanda & Paul, and her brother Pete.

Baby Koko

Chow time

Under the table was one of her favorite spot.

See Koko run

Koko (L) with her brother Pete (R)

. . .

Koko was my friend Wanda’s dog and she passed at her home last Sunday night.  Wanda, Walter, Yuko and I were there when Koko left for Doggy Heaven.  You will be missed, Koko!!  The obituary above was written by my friend Asata who is about to start her own column in The Shambhala Times.  She also writes screenplay (she is also a filmmaker), and does some editing work as well.  Her new novel “RAIN” is coming out later this year. (I’ll let you guys know more detail on exact publishing date)

Thank you Asata for your beautiful words!!  Love you!!

More on Asata’s world, check out her website and her blog.

Website: www.aradcliffe.com
Blog: www.littlethunder.wordpress.com/

. . .

“Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate.” – Sigmund Freud



This image is from www.cartoonstock.com



2 responses to “Koko Harrison 1998 – 2010

  1. James Harrison

    Very nicely done. Thanks for putting this up, Kenji and Asata.


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