Hello people!  I used to just like saying “TGIF” without actually believing it.  I’m not doing that anymore.  I mean it.  I’m really glad it’s Friday.  I’m not sure if I should be thanking God or Buddha (just to be fair) but that’s a whole new story, so I’m not about to start on that.

In deed long time no post!  It’s been sorta like a little of everything and a lot of nothing…  But don’t despair!  I, my, me, am back with a new and improved mind and body.  (okay, am still working on my abs)  Just as I made up my mind about something, then a message call from Idyllwild, CA last night..  An inquiry for a portrait session of Ms. Sobel.  It took me whole day to return call but I did, thus this blog!  It was the message that intriguing enough at first but after my visiting to Ms Sobel’s the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation (, I am finding out this could be another one of those cool project that I get to do and could lead to feel I am doing something good besides making a good photographs. I will keep you posted as I go.  (Please someone show me how to use Twitter?)

the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation


みんな元気かい? 長い間、おしばらくでしたね。あれじゃ、これじゃ、と、なかなか忙しそうにきこえるけども、べつにそうでは、なかったのある。やる気と言うものがどこかへ、いってしまっていて、まよっていたのですが、また,無事に帰ることが出来たのではないかと、今おもい、こうしてブログしている次第である。どうなることやら。



2 responses to “TGIF – NEW AND IMPROVED

  1. Sounds like a cool thing (river of life) . It brings joy to my heart to see you, and all you are doing.I really like your style, we have your work hanging in our living room( i love it) I googled hugh harline. Couldn’t find his website though. bob


    • Hey now Bob,
      It’s sooooo good to hear from you. What’s you been shooting? I found a pic of you in a random site some time ago. I will email it to you to see if you remember what that was all about. Say hello to Kathy!


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