Carpinteria Seal Rookery

Few weeks ago I was out doing a location check for upcoming job (Clipper Windpower, Inc) in Carpinteria which went well and got some ideas what to do with the shoot.  After the location check I stopped by Carpinteria Seal Rookery to see adult seals with their new-born baby seals.  A friend of mine had told me that they just hang out there, so I took a nice late afternoon walk while taking pix along the way.

Murder by the sea.

I remember my father and I used to go fishing as well.

I was waiting for someone to walk by to make this shot and within few minutes there he was.

At the top of the cliff a seal watch volunteer lady, Donna, shows people what to do…or rather, what not to do while they watch seals down below.  She said there were many of them taking turns from sunrise to sunset in two hours increments.

Lazy afternoon nap everyday.

These guys certainly knew I was nearby with a camera.

Beach is closed from December 1st to May 31st for Seal Birthing Season – $10,000 fine or one year in prison for disturbances of seals!!!

Venoco workers doing their things at nearby pier.




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