I rediscovered Japan

She is into all things Japanese.  Anime mostly, and gaming and cosplay, Japanese music, Japanese culture and she even taught herself (!) Japanese and spoke very good Japanese that I couldn’t hide anything from her. (not that I had anything to hide..)  She knows about Japan possibly more than I do…well, modern Japanese stuff for sure.  She gave herself a Japanese girl name and most of her friends know her with that name.  It’s funny that her real name would be easily used as a Japanese Super Hero-ish (heroine-ish) for Japanese Anime TV shows.  I know so because I was a BIG TIME Anime/Manga boy when I was growing up in Japan.  Michelle, Elizabeth, Kathrine, Jennifer, Stephanie and Jacqueline to name a few, and of course her name Joanna.  She hates it.  I personally think it’s a very cute name, but hey who am I to say anything about that.  She sung few Japanese songs that I didn’t even know.  Very modern Japanese songs she loves, and I played few of my own Japanese music and she looked at me funny.  Okay, so they are 30 some years old songs and I don’t think she was born yet.  Sigh…


. . .

. . .



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