I thought it would be just another event (A fundraising for SBMS), but it turned out to be a lot more meaningful gig for me when I ran into several clients from years ago, as old as 15 years ago!!  A couple I did their wedding photography, a business publicity shot (a headshot), a family portrait session and a maternity session whose child is now 15 years old!!  It totally made my day (evening to be exact) and felt good about this whole taking picture things, and better yet there was wonderful dinner and desserts to seal the deal for me.  Thank you all for having me!!!  And here, I got what I intended to get: fabulous pix of people having fun fun fun!!

A wild thing

Another wild thing

Bunch of wild things


Silent Auction goes not so silent

I was like, Aloha!!, and they told me they got those at Albertsons

Super hero PJ is definitely Wild Dream Generater

More wild things

Need I say more

Wine in one hand and water in another, smart lady


Portable Photo Studio, Wall of Fame Set Up


More cuties

Luke, I’m your father… Nooooooooooo!

She can sing.  She reminded me of Janis Joplin.

Wild things are behaving

Thank you, thank you, thank you

She took this puppy home

Live Auction Maximum Exposure

Helllllllllo Kitty

This live auction guy (Dan Gunther) was F.U.N.N.Y x2

She is a cancer survivor and she donated her wig, and now it’s a gotee of a Dragon

Dragon lady

. . .

To view all 325 images from this event, click here

If the link does not work, please copy and paste: http://www.kjp.printroom.com/wherethewildthingsare

. . .


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