Traveling Carnival – Butler Amusements, INC. (Part 2)

So I was getting ready to leave after I shot SB County Fair & Expo early in the morning before the official operation hour, the vice president of the company (Butler Amusements, INC) came to me and hired me on the spot to photograph her newly decorated trailer (a concession stand).  She said it used to be nothing but just a white trailer with couple of stripes around it which she transformed into the very colorful happy food stand that looked like came right out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!!  I said, it’s scrumdidilyumptious!!!!

. . .

When I delivered finished products to her early next morning, I was able to hang out with her and her family a bit.  Have anyone ever seen a TV show “Carnivåle” on HBO?  (Aired 2003-05)  I believe her life style has been sorta like that except people traveled in big motor homes nowadays.  I like the white picked fences she placed around her motor home to create homey environment.  She said that best thing about growing up in Traveling Carnival Family was meeting all kinds of people everywhere they’d been, and that made her feel like she had big families everywhere.

. . .

Their operation was ended the night before (SB County Fair & Expo) and they were on route to next location.  As I was leaving the area, I noticed most of the rides had been taken down and gone.  There were only few of them left and assembly workers were working up a storm.

. . .

Traveling Carnival – Butler Amusements, INC. (Part 1)

Butler Amusements, INC

. . .


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