Kite Festival 2010

About a month ago Sunday we had 25th Annual Santa Barbara Kite Festival by the water.  It was pretty windy (good) day due to left over stormy weather from few days ago, but I think many of us Santa Barbarian felt bit cold (not good).  You could tell by how we dressed.  Burrr.  Thanks to Mr. David Hefferman and his team to put this event together.  FUN!!

My team “loca cometa”, Rene, Marcos and Esperanza.

Rene’s home made Kite in the air


Cutie PIe Brynn

Perfect Family Activity

Curious George

A kite shop on site

Titas: Believe it or not, he weighs more than I do.  sigh….

Titas and his parents in the background

Rene has received a special recognition of the day for his own “Trash Bag” kite.

Hace algo, Esperanza!!!!

The line up for Longest (Highest) Line Competition

Dad and son team

Newest Auto Cruise Control

She is 3 years old and this was her first kite flying experience,and was sooooo proud of herself flying her kite

The man behind this event

High Flying Kites

. . .

. . .


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