Mazinger Z: my hero returns!

A gift from Japan: my super hero Mazinger Z T-shirt.  Very OMG x2 excellent.  I want to cry.  You thought transformers were cool?  No, Non, Nein, Nope and NO!  It’s because of Mazinger Z back in 1973, all of those gigantic super robot heroes in the world exist.  Sure, Mazinger Z may contain now out-dated technology (37 years old), but it’s like you can never deny the Founding Fathers of the United States (7 dudes), no one else can be the Original Super Robot Hero as the one and only Mazinger Z.  Now, you remember that.   Thank you, Yuko.  ありがとございます, 裕子様。


Mazinger Z
by Go Nagai
An ordinary high school student Koji Kabuto comes home one day to find his grandfather Juzo has been attacked by someone.  As he is dying, Juzo tells him that it is up to him whether he becomes a god or a devil, and presents him with the Super Robot Mazinger Z made of the strongest metal on the planet, Super-Alloy Z.  Along with a female robot Aphrodite A piloted by Sayaka Yumi, Mazinger Z battles against Dr. Hell’s Mechanical Beast Army to protect the Earth.   Mazinger Z stands as a landmark in robot animation history.

永井 豪



Bonus: Original TV Show Opening Theme Song




3 responses to “Mazinger Z: my hero returns!

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  2. はじめてコメントします☆
    I’m glad you like it and it’s nice on you, too!
    Also thanks to Uniqlo だね。


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