Summer Solstice – Rehearsal 1

Few days ago I went to Summer Solstice Dance Rehearsal for the first time this year.  This year’s theme is “CARNIVAL”, and I’m dancing with Vanessa’s Brazilian Hip Pop Dance Troop again.   Back at my studio after the rehearsal, while I was  looking at these images something ingenious hit me that it could possibly bring maximum fun for me from this year’s Solstice Parade.   I have always been either photographing the Parade or dancing in the Parade (when I’m in town and not working), but this year I decided to do both, AT THE SAME TIME!!  Taking pix of the parade from inside the parade, not as a spectator.   Double duties, double the fun.  Undercover photographer, I am.  This is going to be interesting.  I need to come up with some kind of system that my camera would stay tight to my body.  I think it would be so cool that I should get interesting angles and action shots since I”m part of the dancing troop.  I loooooove challenging assignments, and this is going to be a good one (not to mention almost stress free and all fun!!).  Could someone be out there and take pix of me taking pix of this event, please?

Toma un foto, chica!


Our Venetian Dancer leader, Celeste


Capoeira Dancer in Action


Vanessa talks to us


Photo by Butch

Me in Vanessa’s Brazilian Dance Troop in previous year


Summer Solstice Parade

Vanessa’s Hip Brazil

Celeste is Best




7 responses to “Summer Solstice – Rehearsal 1

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  2. Kenji, you are so rad! These shots are great. What a fun surprise :)


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