Summer Solstice Parade – Update 1

I must thank Vanessa for giving me totally creative control as a photographer while I was under her spell…I mean with her Hip Brazil Dance Troop for Summer Solstice Parade.  I was one of the Venetian Dancer/Undercover Photographer to get some kick ass shots from within.  (ie: killer angles and extra attention from dancers)  Thank you thank you Vanessa.  You are a dancer with true rhythm inside of you, not only you dance but also your hands, fingers, elbows, knees and your smile dance, and express true joy of being alive.  It was such a pleasure to dance with you and to work with you.  Thank you my fellow creative individual you.  You inspired me.  (I’m sure many people feel the same way)


Vanessa's Hip Brazil Dance Troop.

Our Venetian Dancer leader, Celeste is coming. Watch out!


My excellent photographic assistant Gary carrying around my step ladder. He is my right hand, right arm, wing man, number one whatever you call it, that's him. Thanks Gary!!!.

I almost fell from my step ladder.


"Kenjiiiii, get OUT!!".

My friend Penny at work.

Watermelon is definitely better for him





To view all  images (298 images), click HERE

To view all Wall of Fame (Individual Dancer Studio Session), click HERE


Vanessa’s Hip Brazil

Summer Solstice



9 responses to “Summer Solstice Parade – Update 1

  1. OK, you’re forgiven… for almost killing me a couple of times! My favorite shot is “get out!” hilarious! I loved the photos of our practices, too, my favorites of those are the ones of Vanessa. She is so amazing and so is your photography. Those two shots are just stunning. Thank you Kenji!


  2. おつかれサマー


  3. It was beautiful and amazing how you were able to participate as a dancer and still document all of us so well. Loved seeing you dashing in and out to capture everyone during the parade. Thank you for your enthusiasm and I’m looking forward to seeing how the Wall poster turns out.


    • Yes,I wanted to approach Solstice differently this year and I thought it was a crazy idea (dance + shoot) at first, but sure was dynamite FUN. THANK YOU for your corporation (with me as a photographer). You gals were da best!!!!


  4. Hey Kenji,
    I just wanted to say that your photos are amazing.. When are you going to post the rest…. I love the dance, shoot, and fall off the ladder approach.. It really works:)


    • Hey thanks Tina. I like your triptych from the session. You and I have to go over few things on that next time we see each other. Happy 4th of July!!!!!


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