Best 4th of July, EVER!!! – (update)

Without further ado, here are the best 4th of July EVER!! pix.  Someone had said to us that evening, “this is America at its Best”.  I concur.

Our model, Celeste and a SBIPG member, Happy Bob


SBIPG member, Bob was making his shots while I volunteered to be a human light stand.


Underexposing few minutes after magic hour sky was the best way to get this rich blue saturated night sky when combined with flash normal to overexposing the main subject.


Finalé Explosive


Review for SBIPG: It would have been better if the shooting area was darker than it was (as I wanted it to be), but the area was lit by nearby harbor restaurants and its unwanted lighting was illuminating the model who held still for 6 seconds during the exposure for the fireworks.  Ideally, placing the model in the dark area (best at pitch black) was a “must”, but lack of location check prior to the event (fireworks) forced me to shoot it without coming up with a better location.  I knew it was too bright (for the model) to shoot it there but there was only few minutes left to the showtime and I had to start shooting since the fireworks only lasted for 15 minutes or so.  I knew I wanted longer than five seconds exposure for the fireworks but couldn’t go too long cuz of a live model standing in fairly lit foreground.  Celeste was a trooper standing still for six seconds in her kick-ass-6-inch-high-heels on the not-so-flat ground (wobbly!).  Thanks Celeste!!!


SBIPG (Santa Barbara International Photography Group)

Celeste is Best

Best 4th of July, EVER!!!


Celeste is Best (00:26)



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