Katsuyoshi Matsuzaki – Sculptor from Kyoto, Japan

My friend Bob called me up and saying, “Sorry Kenji, this is a really last-minute thing, but….”  about 45 minutes to the event.  I see, I heard that before.  (I call this sort of things “Kamikaze Photography”)  Here at a local Braille Institute, there was a little presentation ceremony for a sculptor from Japan who has donated  one of his piece to them. (Santa Barbara Braille Institute Regional Sight Center) I spent about half an hour there this afternoon taking pictures of Katsuyoshi Matsuzaki (The Sculptor) and his “Omamori” piece (Musing Stones).  After the presentation, we were given a little tour of the Institute and it was a very humbling experience for me.  I almost felt bit embarrassed (internally) about my complaining about… uh whatever, ya know?  My sight enables me to do whatever, be whatever and I can do so whenever I want to, just because I have these working eyeballs?  Damn right, I can.  It was yes indeed inspiring time I spent there. Thanks Bob!

Katsuyoshi’s friend Dianne introduces him (white hair, white beard in white shirt)


Braille Institute Stuff and Katsuyoshi (center)


He wears “I love you” in braille


Katsuyoshi thumbs up for his upcoming workshop here at Braille Institute…


More than art from scrap filled Ceramic Room/Art Class


He examines “talking watch” as a souvenir for his son


A ginormous alarm clock for wake-up-early-impaired (like SuAne and me)


Gorgeous main entrance area of Braille Institute


Nate gives us a tour of his library and demonstration of books on tape machine


He has lots of lots of books available (Mystery, Romance, General Fiction, Historical Fiction, Classics, Biographies, Non-Fiction, Westerns, Adventure/Espionage, Spanish Books, Young Adult Fiction and his favorite Science Fiction!) and if you can find what you want here, he can get it up here from LA’s Braille Institute.


A portrait of Helen Keller


Ms. Hellen Keller wrote this herself:

“To Leonard, whose kind deed keep a fadeless beauty and fragrance in the garden of my heart.  Lovingly, Helen Keller”


The artist says goodbye to his baby (his sculpture).  I understand how he feels here.


Santa Barbara Braille Institute Regional Sight Center

Katsuyoshi Matsuzaki


Katsuyoshi is having two exhibits this year; one is in Paris, FRANCE and another is here in Santa Barbara.

Private Garden Exhibit
July 17th & 18th @1920 Garden Street (Yep, that’s this weekend!!)


His also shared his poem with us…


I am here now,
Nestled up to you.

From time immemorial
Meeting you someday
Was the dream I had always dreamed.

I am here now,
Drawn by the thread of fate.

Some days smiling gently,
some days damp with the tears of dew,
Sometimes chilled, sometimes hot,
In the mornings bravely, in the evenings with reassurance.

I am here now,
Snuggled up next o your hear.

the truth that lies
In the innermost depths of your heart,
a truth of which even you are unaware
somehow I understand.

Today and tomorrow
On rainy days and brightly shining ones
I quietly fold my small hands in prayer.
I am here for you, always.



5 responses to “Katsuyoshi Matsuzaki – Sculptor from Kyoto, Japan

  1. Wonderful shots and it’s wonderful seeing Katsuyoshi Matsuzaki’s work displayed. Glad you had a great experience at our Santa Barbara Center; Hope to see you again soon!


  2. Thank You Kenji for all the wonderful photos.


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