Nicole Lvoff – CD Release Party at Soho

Being a samba dancer for Santa Barbara Solstice Parade wasn’t enough for Nicole Lvoff who just released her debut album “Here’s That Rainy Day”, and the CD Release Party at Soho Restaurant last night was packed with her friends and family with a special vocal appearance by Paul Christian Nguyen (it was also his singing career debut, and yet another samba dancer!!)   I had SBIPG workshop to go along with this party; practicing flash + ambient light combination shooting as well as learning how to deal with musicians and guests in a public events environment.

The green room at Soho Restaurant is actually a yellow room


I remember how nervous I was when I was waiting for my turn at a martial arts competition when I was in 5th grade.


SBIPG members shooting up a storm: Maximus, George (non-member yet as of this evening) and Angela.


Autograph! Autograph!!


Nicole Lvoff & Paul Christian Nguyen


Her sister Cynthia, Red roses and Nicole.


Video Clip – ビデオクリップ – VTR

Nicole & Paul @ Soho (01:19)


If you’d like to view all (70+) images, please go to Online Gallery

SBIPG (Santa Barbara International Photography Group)

Nicole Lvoff

Soho Restaurant & Music Club



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