Asian American Neighborhood Festival – SBIPG

I missed “Mochi Pounding” demonstration, but other than that I got to check out most of the events on last Saturday afternoon’s Asian American Neighborhood Festival at El Presidio Chapel hosted by The Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation.  I assigned this event as SBIPG workshop.

Cuteness Valerie totally reminded me of one of my favorite childhood TV show, “Little House in the Prairie”.

SBIPG member John and a friend.

Togen Daiko: Japanese American Buddhist Taiko Drumming

El Presidio de Santa Barbara

Calligraphy Station

Calligraphy Brushes

SBIPG member John getting his shot

SBIPG member Simone was out and about with her family

Aikido Demonstration

Judo Demonstration

Arigato Gozimashita Ota Sensei: Master Ota’s Aikido with Ki

My friends Geoff and his family

Bonsai Tree display from Bonsai Club of Santa Barbara

Andrew from Bonsai Club of Santa Barbra

Chinese Dragon Dance

Lovely Yukata Ladies

Japanese Tea Master Kasai (center) from SB Tea House and her proteges.

Sushi Chef Takeshi and his sons shaking things.

I danced and photographed Japanese Summer Folk Dance

Everyone dances

Drummers of Togen Daiko

Japanese Kimono and Yukata ladies and plus one

. . Complete Image Viewing, go to: HERE

The Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation

Togen Daiko

Master Ken Ota’s Aikido with Ki

Bonsai Club of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Tea House

SBIPG/Santa Barbara International Photography Group



3 responses to “Asian American Neighborhood Festival – SBIPG

  1. Aw…my Cuteness made it to your blog! Thanks, first of all, for asking permission. Very smart of you! And thank you for sharing her here for posterity. My girls DO love their prairie dresses! They’ve made the rounds in them, including a visit to De Smet, South Dakota, long-time home of Laura Ingals Wilder and family.


  2. Lorraine MacDonald

    Thank you so much for the great photos of Togen Daiko! You are a very talented photographer. I have rarely seen such beautiful photos. It was a great event.


    • Well, thank YOU for such a fabulous performance. Yes, it was a great event that different that shows different cultures yet can co-exist in harmony. We meed more of this to educate ourselves in “hands-on” style!!


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