Biz Publicity Shots/Promo Card Production

Stephanie Sivers is a very talented opera singer who was trained by teachers and coaches from The Met (The Metropolitan Opera) and The Juilliard, but her interest has shifted more towards contemporary Jazz nowadays.  The voice like hers, I’d say anything coming out of her mouth would sound like music to most of us, I’m sure of it.

This is 2nd album cover I photographed for her.  Her plan is to release it in November but could be postponed until December :(


Stephanie’s “Sultry Standards and other jazz classics” was her 1st album.

Misc. shot from previous session.


BEHIND THE SCENE: Stephanie in a recording studio

I think she was saying things like, “No, no, no, Marc.  That’s not what I want!”  Marc is a master sound engineer.



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