Bonnie and Clyde 2010

Mental telepathy, Strange coincident, Thought transference, Meant to be, Karma… whatever you call it, I am, once again, a true believer of higher power playing on us, and our daily lives.

This almost end of heat-wave-drenched Wednesday afternoon, I came out of my studio walking towards my car, and there it was a 1960-ish (could be 50’s or 40″s I’m not sure…) looking police car drove by me, and I was only able to scan the phone number on the side of the car, and without missing a beat I called.  I didn’t know what that was but I thought it could be a cab, a pizza delivery car or something like that.  The man the other side of the phone said, “no, no, not a cab, but we are a Bail Bond Company (Goleta Fast Response Bail Bonds)”.   Make sense.  I spoke to the owner Mr. Dave Corlatan about my idea on using his “police car” as a background for a some kind of photo shoot as one of SBIPG workshop.  He sounded very interested.  He said that if our schedule permits, sure why not. Great!  Thank you, Dave!!  While I was walking back to my studio, all sorts of idea came to me, and “Bonnie and Clyde” theme sounded really fun to me (although they could be from different era: Bonnie and Clyde 30’s and this vehicle 50’s or 60’s… but hey now, don’t worry about small details like that).  Back at my studio I did a little googling and of course there were tons of Bonnie and Clyde stuff on internet; however, what made me go “WHAT?” as well as compelled me to make this blog entry was about the news of death of the director of now a classic film “Bonnie and Clyde”.  He died yesterday at age 88 at his Manhattan home.  Now, it has a special meaning to me to do this project; “Bonnie and Clyde 2010”.

Photo courtesy of Goleta Fast Response Bail Bonds

Goleta Fast Response Bail Bonds




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