Well, we thought we were done with SBIPG workshop when we finished Pacific Pride Foundation’s AIDS WALK 2010, but Therese noticed there was another event going on just up the hill: 5th Annual Classic Car Show.  We had to go check it out.

Therese’s an eye for an eye approach.

Classic American all the way.

Bob and Tom at the top of the hill

Tom and his baby: 1956 Porche Speedstar (Replica).  This was the principle car that was used in a film “Doc Hollywood“.  Yep, Michael J. Fox drove in it (and crashed few).

She has perfect round you know what.

Inside of a police car: PLASTIC SEAT!!!  An officer told us that it was because easier to clean up…uh, mess? (blood, puke and other things…)

Therese in distress mode

Bob & his baby; 1939 Chevy Sedan.  Loooooove the color!!!  My 1966 VW Karman Ghia (which I don’t own it anymore but still my very very favorite car) also was a green, but very dull green :(

I was getting even lower angle of Therese getting low angle shot

“DO N OK”  Such a cool messge


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SBIPG / Santa Barbara International Photography Group

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3 responses to “CAR SHOW – SBIPG

  1. Really like how both Bob and his car came out. Colors were so vibrant. Not sure about Therese and the cop car ;).


  2. No, she doesn’t really belong there….. :)


  3. Yeah…and that just wasn’t the expression I was imagining when I made it! I’m going to have to work on my acting skills for the next cop car shot.


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