Afternoon Tea with the Mayor


Marty Blum and Helene Schneider hosted the first Mayor’s Awards Breakfast in 2005 to recognize business in the City of Santa Barbara that had made progress in the employment of persons with disabilities. The event is held annually in October to celebrate National Disability Employment awareness Month. This year is also the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Work opportunities enable individuals with disabilities to secure affordable, accessible housing, transportation, health care, assistive technology, education, and opportunities to socialize and participate in community and political life. Employers who hire people with disabilities find they have tapped into a talented, skilled, and diverse pool of workers, who often bring a unique perspective to the workplace.  This year was a bit different format that no longer “The Breakfast” but “Afternoon Tea”.  Lucky me cuz I had to get up like 6:30am last year to get ready for the shoot which was waaaay too early for me.  I think they might have heard me saying that :)

Mayor’s Awards: Afternoon Tea with the Mayor Helene Schneider at Cabrillo Pavilion Arts Center

The Americans with Disabilities Act’s 20th Anniversary

Mayor Helene Schneider

Fellow photographer Nik takes his shots

Keynote Speaker: Urban Miyares (Founder of Disabled Businesspersons Association)

2010 Awardees and Mayor Schneider



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