Seafood Festival – SBIPG

Okay, it’s another beautiful day in paradise; a perfect day for Seafood Festival at the SB harbor this afternoon.  SBIPG shoot out for Seafood, Sea Creatures and some Land Creatures (humans).

SBIPG members: Gary, Brian, Kimi and Maximus

Maximus said, “let’s shoot something RED!”, and here’s my red shot.

Gary getting his shot

Maximus getting his shot

Lobster Lady

He really really wanted to jump into the little pool of Sea Creatures

Uni at its freshest

A tail of a white whale (JK…)

Reserved Navy Officers

Ginormous Paeilla

Therese getting her shot

Maximus giving me his GQ look

Tanpopo Flower
SBIPG / Santa Barbara International Photography Group


4 responses to “Seafood Festival – SBIPG

  1. I love the way the seeds look – like they are spinning in the wind – in the flower shot.


  2. Makes me want to try for more Tanpopo flower shots. Thanks Kenji!


  3. Isn’t that fun? I have a water bubble unit you can try with. We’ll try that as well, shall we?


  4. bubble unit and flower seeds. Yes, it would be a great shutter speed exercise.


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