Last Friday night, we had a stylish lighting workshop for SBIPG; Glamour Lighting – Neo George Hurrell Style.  Late George Hurrell was known for so-called “Hollywood Glamour Lighting” in 30’s and 40’s.  We now attempt to create 1930s – 40s Hollywood Glamour Lighting inspired portraiture with Modern Lighting Equipment such as a strobe system with grids and with Photoshop powered Digital Photography instead of Mole Richardson style continuous light source with films and traditional pencil retouching on films, thus Neo-George Hurrell Style!!

Mary shoots

John framing his shot

Stephanie’s piecing eyes study our subject

Dennis gets down

Dennis, John, Bob, Stephanie, Mary and our model Celeste

Bob examines his images

Our fabulous model, Celeste


Get your portrait photo taken in Neo George Hurrell Lighting.  Holiday Special Portrait Session available NOW!  Call for more detail. 805.637.0158



MODEL: Celeste < >
SBIPG: Bob, Dennis, John, Mary, Stephanie < SBIPG >



5 responses to “NEO GEORGE HURRELL – SBIPG

  1. Great workshop! Very cool photos Kenji! Thanks for a great evening.


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