Baby Otters かわうその赤ちゃん

I was at SB ZOO yesterday took some shots of Asian Small-Clawed Otters.  Baby Otters!  Five of them!!  They are only few months old (DOB 8/20), and are sooo cute.  Cuteness indeed.  I’ve never seen baby otters before.  It’s omg cute.  もう、すげえ,かわいいんだもん。かわうその赤ちゃんなんて、初めて見た。生まれて2ヶ月の可愛さで僕たちに迫っていた。(8月20日生)





6 responses to “Baby Otters かわうその赤ちゃん

  1. so cute!!!!


  2. oh my….irresistible. And you captured the best otter expressions :)


  3. you should see they sometimes stare at you… creepy in a good way, cuz i never had eye contact with otters before….


  4. Interesting. Their eyes are funny too. I’ve not looked closely at otter eyes until looking at your pictures.


  5. Outstanding! We’ve had a number of photographers here at the Zoo taking photos of the otters. Kenji’s images blow them away.

    The pups are 3 months old. Asian small-clawed otters are part of a SSP (species survial program) in which accredited Zoo work cooperatively to ensure the most viable captive population possible. This is “Bob & Jillian’s” first litter.


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