Real Thanksgiving Project

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.  Thank you, thank you and thank you.  Hope everyone had a happy happy turkey day too.

I like DIY Home Improvement ever since my father gave me his old carpentry tools some 30 plus years ago.  I have not done anything for awhile and I truly enjoyed making a temporary bridge for an entry way to my friend Lyn’s room. I miss doing that as much as traditional photographic darkroom work.


A classic work station of mine: the ground

Recycled supplies collected by Lyn

I didnt have right length nail :(


Energy behind my completion of the project

My work uniform of the day

Cleaning up in my newly cleaned shoes

I remembered how I used to sweep the front yard of my parent’s house when I was a young boy.  It was one of my daily chore before dinner. It was a good Thanksgiving late afternoon thing to do, and I felt very Japanese while I was doing it.

Brandon picking up his mom for a turkey day activity

My friend Wanda's successful turkey production

Wanda and her daughter moving onto next turkey chow down

My friend Claire prepared this deliciousness for the day

Heavenly apple pie and banana bread

To my surprise, I had a wonderful thanksgiving celebration and enjoyed myself and people around me yesterday.  Thank you everyone for such happy energy.


One response to “Real Thanksgiving Project

  1. Wonderful Kenji! Thank you sooooo much for my bridge! I am so grateful!!! It is a fantastic bridge – just what we needed. Monty loves it too!


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