First Sunrise of the Year 初日の出/SBIPG (update)

¡Mira, chica! Ay mas foto de First Sunrise of the Year dos dias antes. Hatsuhinode/First Sunrise of the Year es la primera salida del sol del añs, y muchas traditionales por Japonés. 元旦の初日の出のおまけの写真です。おまけといっても、べつに却下されたとか言う訳じゃあないですよ。現像してなかったと言うだけの話しでごさいます.  These are additional images from new years day’s 1st Sunrise of the Year. Hatsuhinode/初日の出 (First Sunrise of the Year) is one of the traditional Japanese New Year’s Day activities in both historical and commercial sense.

SBIPG members Liz and Bob shoots their first of 2011.  Three on the right, I didn’t know who they were, but they had their little point-n-shoots as well.

20 minutes before the Sunrise.

Although it was already three minutes after the “Sunrise time”, the Sun was not visible for additional one more minute due to Santa Cruz (?) island (one of the Channel Islands).

Ay, Mama!!  Ye-Ha!!  明けましておめでとうございます。Happy New Year!!  Feliz Año Nuevo!!  Hallelujah!!  My hands are cold!!

Hatsuhinode/初日の出  (What is it?)





3 responses to “First Sunrise of the Year 初日の出/SBIPG (update)

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  2. Que hermosa fue esa esperiencia, no pense que podia tomar lindas foto, todo gracias a ti.. Feliz ano, que todo sea de PROSPERIDAD en tu camino AMIGO


  3. Hola chica, gracias por viene aqui. megusta mucho tu hace esta. tu tome buena foto de premero sol de el ano. y buena cafe tambien, verdad chica? gracias tu campana


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