SBJPG-Japan Joint Workshop Feb 2011

Our first* monthly SBJPG-Japan Joint Workshop is now scheduled for Sunday February 20th.  After few online communication with Kotaro (SBJPG-Japan), we were able to decide on the shooting date and a subject.  We are going to walk to and around Old Mission, Kotaro will be walking about Tokyo and Yokohama. (Technically it’s our 2nd, but it’s officially our first one after our name change to SBJPG as of February 1st)

Old Mission, everybody knows the Old Mission just as much as Tokyo.  How about Yokohama?  It’s known as one of the major sea port city in Japan.  We will shoot same thing (walking), and upload images to online library for everyone to see and give each other constructive feedbacks.  Yep, sounds fun.






One response to “SBJPG-Japan Joint Workshop Feb 2011

  1. よろしく お願いします!



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