Turn of the Century Fashion Shoot (update 2)

These images are out takes of Turn of the Century fashion shoot a couple of weeks ago.  I made a triptych with some of them.  Simple portraits with simple lighting make a perfect combination for multiple display often in a style of “Triptych”, but as long as they (images) need each other, I think any number of images work fine. (I have used maximum of 56 images to make one large print 30″x40″ before, and regularly use 42 images as they are in gird format*)    SBJPG

………… I Iike going down

Martin getting his low angle where Bob is getting his high angle

Everyone watches Martin making his shots

Turn of the Century

Turn of the Century Update 1



*Grid Format: I have a service/a product called “Wall of Fame” which is to produce a poster size print with multiple images in grid format from any portrait session(s) or event(s).  Image numbers can be anywhere from 5 to 56.  The sample below is an online version of 20″x30″ print with 42 images.  Want more info for your next event??  Contact me directly at 805-637-0158 or email kenji@kenjiphotography.com :)



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