SBJPG – Table Top 101-2 (Jewelry)

We call them Still life, Product Shots, Catalog Shots, Theme Assemblage or Studio Shots…etc,; but they are ultimately  “Table Top Photography”.  Table top under mostly studio lighting condition, and sometimes even outdoor under natural light. There are of course so many to learn about Table Top Photography but to start off I simply went over the basic of what the depth-of-field is and what it does especially Liz had only limited knowledge of Photography and her camera. We then played with background color as well as the shape/pattern/form of it. Watching her wooing herself when she found out about the depth-of-field was a pretty cool thing.  She now knows how to control the depth-of-field in her shots. Ahhh, the power of knowledge at work!! SBJPG Table Top 101-2 Workshop Jewelry Studio Lighting Depth Of Field



………….Photography by Liz

………….Photography by Liz

………….Finding out about the depth-of-field for the first time, better yet, ……….. ………….now she knows she can control it by adjusting aperture.



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