A Good News

SBJPG says, What is “Member Discount Program”?

You need few photographs for your work, for your new model portfolio, for audition head shots, or any other business publicity purpose, what do you do?  Hire a photographer, right? Here’s an idea. Why don’t you be a photographic subject (a model) for a photographic workshop(s) of amature photographers and get your photos taken by them and by Kenji Photography. What’s happening here is that you are not only offering opportunity for students to have hands-on experience of making photographs, but also you are getting your pictures done at a discount rate. (who knows you might also learn a thing or two about Photography)  In the end, I think this is one of those win-win situation.  SBJPG and its students get to stay busy because we always need new models, you get your picture taken and I get to make living by continue doing this.  But that is not all.  There are even bigger and better things beyond ‘member discount program’ which is just a tip of an iceberg. SBJPG is aiming for sort of like one-stop-shopping portal for the International-Intercultural Hands-On Experience Center*!!!  I just get excited about this maybe more often than I should, but…. Anyway, more to follow on future of SBJPG at later time.

For now, more on “Member Discount Program”: How to take advantage of that is: (1) first you need to become a member of SBJPG, (2) sign-up for a workshop(s) to be the model for it in order to receive workshop-produced photos or (here comes important part) (3) you can make workshop suggestion(s)  based on what you need, and shortly after they should tune into actual workshop. For your participation (being a model) to the workshop, you will receive photos from students and Kenji Photography.  For example, you need a head shot for your newspaper article, you suggest a photographic workshop on a Studio Head Shot or a Glamour Lighting, and I will schedule a session (a workshop) based on that. You get your photos taken by workshop participants (students) and by me just to make sure you get what you need. Your investment is a workshop fee (a session fee) and your time to participate in a workshop (your session).  >> Isn’t it like a hair cut by a hair styling student under a supervision of a licensed hair styling instructor??

BE A SPONSOR! – If you are a business owner and would like to be a SBJPG sponsor to help students with your products/services and promote your business, please click here.



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