SBJPG on the move / SBJPG 日本への進出準備

SBJPG (Santa Barbara Japan Photography Group) has always been a photographic workshop group for this past a year and a half, but now we have also started operating “Intercultural Workshop” (for now, Japan and the U.S. Culture) with current SBJPG Photographic workshops: International Intercultural Communication Center (I.I.C.C: a working title).

The goal of I.I.C.C is to operate not only Cultural Workshops in two countries (eventually more), but also to offer language lessons as well as most importantly creating and conducting Intercultural Workshops with very unique hands-on approach: Intercultural Life Experience Exchange Program* (iLeep: pronounce it “ahy-leep”).

We are currently moving forward with this merger; however, official operation of joint workshops (SBJPG & I.I.C.C) should take place sometime mid 2012.  What?  2012?  Don’t despair.  You can join SBJPG now (sign up here, it’s FREE!), and come meet with us whenever you see meetups scheduled that titled “ALL THINGS JAPAN” (ideally, once a week!).  Have a cuppa Japanese Green Tea and let’s find out, discuss and learn more about Japan (and Modern Japanese Language with a style).           805-637-0158 (kenji cell)

SBJPG (サンタバーバラ日本写真グループ) はもともと写真のワークショップグループとして始まりすでに1年半経つのですが、我たちは成長を続け、”異文化ワークショップ” を組み合わせた 国際異文化コミュニケーションセンター (I.I.C.C. 仮称) として現在のSBJPGの写真ワークショップと平行して活動を始めています。(現在のところ日本と米国の文化交流)

I.I.C.C.の目標は、異文化ワークショップを2ヵ国で実施するだけではなく、(最終的には多数国)言語のレッスンも提供し、更に最も重要な事は非常にユニーク、そして実践的なアプローチで異文化ワークショップを実施すること: 異文化生活体験交流プログラムです*。
Intercultural Life Experience Exchange Program (iLeep: 発音はアイリープ)。

我たちは現在この合併を目標にして活動を続けているのですが、公式の共同運営(SBJPGとI.I.C.C)は2012年中旬の予定です。何だって? 2012年?っと絶望感に包まれないでください。皆さんは今すぐにでも登録することができます。(ここで無料登録をどうぞ)“なんでも日本”と題した集りが企画されたことに気づいたら遊びにきて下さい。 (理想的には週に一度ですね)お茶でも飲
(カッコいい日本語も学べます) 805−637−0158(健二の携帯)

*Intercultural Life Experience Exchange Program (iLeep)
What iLeep offers is beyond what you’d normally experience when you go to Japan. HANDS-ON is the key word here. Intercultural Workshops in Japan will be planned and scheduled according to the events in Japan such as Traditional New Years Activities, National Coming of Age Celebration, School Graduations, Rice Planting Workshop, Tree Trimming Workshop, Napping (or Meditation) at a Shinto Temple, Visiting a Village Elementary School and Jr. High School, Rice Harvesting Workshop, Summer Festivals, Athletic Meetings, and many more. Workshops in Japan will be scheduled at least one (1) year in advance. You know I will be going there with whomever signed on to take this iLeep, and I will get you involved with some of these events. For example, if you’d like to try rice planting workshop in a small village, you will work with Japanese Farmers and they will show you (or I can show you) how to plant them in the rice field. Or you could go into a mountain and want to experience tree-trimming, yep we got that too. A family owned mountains are where you will breath deeply and you can hear the mountain sings…



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