SBJPG – More Ideas for Workshop

Yey!  I just made contact with a Japanese Kendo Master as well as someone who works in Traditional Japanese Seaweed Farm.  I originally thought of these as potential Cultural Workshops; however, they could easily be developed into Photographic Workshop as well :)   Become a member of SBJPG and see how you can involve with these hot subjects.  Stay tuned!!

Kendo – 剣道

Seaweed – 海苔

Intercultural Workshops with SBJPG


2 responses to “SBJPG – More Ideas for Workshop

  1. けんじおじ様、元気?めぐみです。わかりますか?


  2. あららら、あの、番号って君だったのか? 留守番電話に声もな〜んにも、はいってないから、それに、日本からってのは、わかってたけど、だれんんだろうって思ってたんだ。僕はまあまあ元気だけど、君はとうかな? 何時でも電話していいからね。ちゃお!


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