SBJPG-Japan Joint Workshop: Walking

Liz, Bob, Marco and I were out on State Street shooting up a storm last Saturday’s SBJPG-Japan Joint Workshop with “walking” as the theme.  Santa Barbara’s State Street was our target street since it is the most visited street of Santa Barbara.  All tourists are there.  Many and most of the action in this town happens there.  For a couple of hours we became all eyes on this once we thought a very familiar street. < In Japan, Kotaro was out and about shooting.  We will find out when he check back in with us >

BTW, I was also out there with my personal project “Headless Black Teddy Bear”, in conjunction with “Walking”.

WALKING (State Street, Feb 20, 2011 from 3:15pm – 5:15pm)

Bob getting his shot of a bulldog

“Do you feel lucky?”

Marco getting down and up close

Derby Girls are getting ready to kick your ass (This Saturday’s meetup is Roller Derby: Battle of Saints 2/26)

Probably the most stable business during this difficult economic time, a sex shop on State street.

Liz Getting her shot

SBJPG MEMBERS from top left: Liz, Marco, Bob and me with green high top.

Utilizing these images to produce a book.




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