Yet another Adobe Photoshop Workshop, 3rd one on the bookmaking with basic digital imagery workflow.  Here‘s the meat, and this one here is one of my favorite book because it was as much about the book as about the boy, the young artist.  Making this book was very rewarding, and exposed to those eyes of a young artist was inspiring.  I believe SBJPG can do as equally positive work as well.

One Friday evening for two hours and you will learn basic workflow of BOOKMAKING from image selection to creating camera ready image files (using Adobe Image Editing Softwares), plus basic understanding of using templates to make your own book (portfolio).

Photoshop and Fun Book Making $22.00
Friday, Feb 25th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Bring your image files with your laptop.



My family called me to report that my father is going to a hospital for a surgery next day. I think I am more nervous than they are… but then again, what do I know? They maybe just putting up a good front (so that I won’t worry).






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