SBJPG – Battles of the Saints (Roller Derby)

Last Saturday’s SBJPG shoot out was Santa Barbara’s own Roller Derby Team Brawlin’ Betties vs Santa Cruz Derby Girls.  Structure of the shoot was simply an event photography, but I have never been to one of these before and had the grooviest time taking photographs. I hope rest of the SBJPG members had a good time as well.

Little rain was falling down on us just as the bout started.  SBJPG member john pulled out this bright blue poncho protecting his gear and himself and said, “I’m a nature photographer, I am prepared”.  Likely, the rain stopped after about five minute.  The bout continued.

Human Water Plower

McEnroe would be saying, “YOU can not be serious!”

John and Martin were on the ground shooting, and Carolyn was shooting from back somewhere…  (comfort of her own chair)

Accident happens.  Intense moment.

Matt and Brawlin’ Betties’s Marketing Director, Sugar.

Matt was wearing SC Derby Girls T-shirt and smile.

There are 213 more images here.

Brawlin’ Betties Facebook

If you like to see all 292 images, click here.




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