SBJPG – All Things Japan 02

Q) How many Japanese does it take to change a light bulb?

Please come and join SBJPG‘s “All Things Japan” where you can practice Japanese language with local Japanese (mostly exchange students), learn little bit about their culture, help them master English just by talking about trade deficit between USA and Japan (just kidding) or anything else Japan/Japanese for that matter.  Ask them directly your burning questions to satisfy your fascination of Japan.  I believe it’s much better to hang out us this way than.. let’s say Facebooking random Japanese people.   We will be getting together at Coffee Cat (downtown SB, Anacapa x Anapamu) this time.   Eventually, we’d like to go out for dinner or drink or who knows a beach party??  Call if you have any Q’s.  805-637-0158 Kenji  See you there!!

Click here.

日本のことに興味のあるアメリカ人たちに日本語を教えたり、英語を習ったりしませんか? All Things Japan はそんな人たちがあつまる、SBJPGの気軽なパーティー、というか、集まりですね。今回はコーヒーショップにて。そのうち皆で食事や飲みにもいきたいですね。詳しくはこちらをどうぞ。

<< Japan, Japanese Language, Japanese People, Japanese Anime, Japanese Music, Japanese Movie, Japanese Sushi, Japanese Tea, Japanese Beer, Japanese Women, Japanese Men, Japanese Rice Field, Japanese Tatami, Japanese Calligraphy, Japanese Toys, Traditional Japanese, Neo-Japanese, Samurai, Kamikaze, Atomic bomb, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Pearl Harbor and Hello Kitty. What other Japanese stuff do you know? Come and Share.
Spoiler Alert: “A Japanese word for the day” could start at any time now!! >>

A) Ten.  One to change it, and nine to take pix.  Ha ha ha!!  Sayonara!



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