Women’s Festival (special update)

You know “Women’s Festival” is this weekend? Here’s a note from Kimi:
Come to the International Women’s Festival Friday, March 4th and Saturday, March 5th. Register for FREE ($25 value) on the http://www.womensfestivals.org website with this special code: KENJI
Look forward to seeing you there!


What do you think? Thanks to WF for giving us such a generous deal. It’s not only a fun event, but also great opportunity to market your business so take advantage of it! Go to http://www.sbjpg.com sign up to become a member first. SBJPG has a booth for both days and hope to see you all there!!!



2 responses to “Women’s Festival (special update)

  1. Hi Kenji,

    Are you going to post pictures from the Women’s Festival? I would love a picture of me and the girls next to my booth (Juvenescence).



  2. Yeeeees, Robin it’s coming soon. I will send you a link when I’m done, k?


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