SBJPG – All Things Japan 02

SBJPG, we had another round of ALL THINGS JAPAN (SBJPG) last night.  I spoke mainly about cultural workshops I have planned in Japan while Genya and Masanaga (exchange students from Japan) shared difficulties they have experienced with learning English; not knowing when was the right time to join in a conversation/missing a chance to say anything.  Once they told me what they had been feeling, I understood EXACTLY what they meant.  This is a sort of thing I make a note to myself for my wanting to develop a system helping others learn foreign languages.  Although I knew what they were talking about, it was nice to remind myself what it was like when I was experiencing the same thing.  I hope Robert remembers Japanese he learned last night: Kocchie Douzo (Come this way, please)


Also Kotaro in Japan was with us (though different date) on Skype.  He is about to start his new school (Tokyo KouGay University) soon – yes, you guessed it right: Photography Department!   He is a Japanese liaison of SBJPG members in Japan.  Arigato Gozaimasu!! 




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