Uh, by the way…

Did I tell you I’m blocked from uploading any images to facebook for next 30 days? (uh… it’s actually 24 more days by now…)  I uploaded little over a dozen images almost 7 weeks ago, and evidently facebook didn’t like some of those images that they sent me a warning letter with a penalty of 7-day-no-uploading-of-images (per one violating image file).  They managed to find four images of the model’s butt cheeks showing and slapped me with total of 30-day-no-upload penalty.  I was originally making a collection of underwear photos for a new and young male model (for his new portfolio).  Funny thing about these images are that I know they would’ve been ok if he had a “G-string”, then it’s not “Nude”, ya know?   I have many of those and never had problems, but these butt cheeks are no-no for FB.



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