Fundraising for Japan Earthquake Survivors


Well, it’s more specific than that.  I have a friend who lost her house.  I was able to speak with her after two days of not be able to contact her, she said she was simply grateful that she was alive, and she had electricity.  When we were emailing back and forth about an hour or so, we experience aftershock twice!!  All she could say was, “Noooooooooo”.

I got together with Santa Barbara Middle School Resident Artist Richard Wilke, and we decided to have a fundraising for my friend Kazuko.  Why?  Because I just cannot not do anything.  I did a similar fundraising for 9/11 back in 2001, worked with Red Cross then.  This time it’s more personal, and I know exactly where the money go, but I need your help.  I need all of your help.

Tomorrow afternoon is our 1st meeting, we will lay down overall format of the fundraising, sponsors, venue, length and detailing the details.  If you are interested, I will forward our progress note to keep you informed.  Please join us for your lunch break.  Japanese green tea provided :)

DATE: 3/15/2011
TIME: 12:30pm
LOCATION: 924 Anacapa Street  Suite 3A
INFO: Q’s, please call 637-0158 (SBJPG member click here


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