Teru Teru Bòzu 寿司クラスと地震生残者募金のためのてるてる坊主 (update 1)

What?  Teru Teru Bòzu? What the hell is that? It’s something I used to do/make (Japanese boys/girls…well, men and women for that matter) when I was growing up in Japan.  It’s your lucky charm… a weather charm to be exact.  You want your day (big events like picnic, roller derby game, wedding…etc) to be beautiful, worry free from rain?  YOU make Teru Teru Bòzu.  Hang him outside your house, like backyard or at your patio.  Yes siree!!  He will make it happen for you. A friend of mine is having a fundraiser this afternoon (SAT 11:30am-12:30pm). I asked my mister Teru Teru Bòzu to perform his miracle :)

あ〜、いまさら、てるてる坊主の話しなんかいまさらしなくても、日本の皆は大丈夫だよね。友達ふきこさんが地震生残者募金活動を今日のお昼にやってんだけど、最近雨ばっかしでなにやら怪しい天気予報なので、ひさびさのてるてる坊主の出動っていうことです。効いて欲しいな。。SBJPG‘s next fundraiser is going to be big, better and bad-ass-ly positive and traditional cards making workshop (Thousand Cranes/千羽鶴 Senba-Zuru), as well as there will be conventional fundraising activities such as good food, wine and entertainment.  I am hoping and planing to make this Fundraiser/Thousand Cranes Workshop to be a day to show your children how to help other people not only financially but also emotional support (in traditional Japanese way).  So, stay tuned!!


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