SBJPG – Band Pictures and CD Cover Production

SBJPG WORKSHOP – A Professional Creative Series
Blue Suns CD Cover Photoshoot with Digital Darkroom Workshop

No, this is not Blue Suns. They are three cute Teenagers. This is your Event Host, Martin jamming in guffaw style.

Blue Suns CD Cover Photo Shoot with Digital Darkroom Workshop

DATE: Saturday April 9th @ 9:00am – 6:00pm
LOCATION: Red Brick Walls and Staircases

FEE1: $59.00 for both workshops (full day)
FEE2: $39.00 for a single workshop (half day)

This is a full-production workshop from a music band Blue Suns’ CD cover photo shoot to creating your own CD cover camera-ready artwork using ADOBE and few other image editing softwares.  Shooting a band is just shooting a band?  What makes a picture a good picture? 謎秘めた空間を作ることでしょ。その空間の先で何を撮る!ってそれだね, いい写真ってのはさ。Of course there’s more. A lot more. Time to find out what they are with SBJPG hands-on workshops on Photo Shoots and Digital Darkroom Work (a.k.a photoshopping).

0900AM – 0930AM: On-site Briefing/Coffeeing/Breakfasting
0930AM – 1100AM: Shooting Blue Suns (90min@Location)
1100AM – 1115AM: Break for 15 min.*
1115AM – 0100PM: Resume Shooting Blue Suns (1hr 45min@Location)
0100PM – 0230PM: Lunch for 90 min.   (Self or Super Cucas Take-Out Option)

0230PM – 0445PM: Image Editing  (2hr 15min@SB Library/HDN Projection)
0445PM – 0500PM: Break for 15 min.* (Option to self-checkout after this point)
0500PM – 0630PM: Resume Image Editing (90min@Coffee Cat)

*Please bring your own snack and water (scream “BYOSAW!”)

SBJPS’s Digital Darkroom Workshop is a very specific how-to on ®ADOBE Photoshop and other image editing softwares with a specific goal (finished product) in mind, NOT a comprehensive nor a good grounding in how to employ ®ADOBE Photoshop to manage and modify your images (how-to-photoshop in general).  This session of Digital Darkroom Workshop is to CREATE CD COVER CAMERA-READY ARTWORK (IMAGE FILES).  Even though Digital Darkroom Workshop is target-photoshopping base workshop, your questions at any levels during a workshop are always super very ohemgee welcomed.  (We can, and will make a book on Q&A per year with SBJPG members’ images! oh, that is a great idea! **)  If questions are not related to the topic (in this case CD COVER…), we will make note of and will discuss of them in separate PHOTOSHOP Q&A SESSIONS at later time.  (so that our workshop itself goes smoothly, instead of attending each and every questions) ALL QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME!!  Remember, your questions are most likely helping other people as well as yourself.

** Currently, we already have two book projects: (1) SBJPG YEARBOOK and (2) ¡Ay Mi Cabeza! (どこあたま – Headless Black Bear No More)

For this workshop, please limit to ONE MAJOR outfit change.  MINOR CHANGES okay such as hats, jackets, shoes and other accessories on and off.  No additional makeup change, touch-ups ok.

DETAILS ON: Shooting Blue Suns
Band pictures as portrait: group shot and each individual portraits /
Band pictures as event photography (documentary): group shot and each individual portraits /
Constantly aware of fillers (filler images): detail shots around the studio, locations and activities as Still Photography /
Shoot some images with big-no-no photographic rules, as MTV generation pleasing effects /
Shoot for clients, and always for you /
Shoot with final product in mind /
What ugly, gross and whew still make beautiful images /
Informational v.s. Emotional /
Pay attention to your gear /
Pay attention to your surrounding /
Shoot first, think later approach (what?) /

DETAILS ON:Digital Darkroom Work (Adobe and Others)
Downloading images using firewire CF card reader onto hard drive of a computer
1st cut with simple yes and no
Delete the rejections
Sort them by captured time and rename them (in one folder), using PHOTO MECHANIC (later possible, but highly recommend it NOW)
Go through them with Your Basic Exposure (YBE) correction
K-Highlight Increase
K-Black Enhancement
K-Shade Enhancement
K-Color Temperature Adjustment/No Adjustment
K-Crop/No Crop
K-Vignette/No Vignette
As you go through, mark the best of the best of the best for quick upload for Blog/Facebook/Twitter/Newsletters (1 to 3 images, perhaps)
2nd cut (3rd cut if necessary) with closer inspections
Make your (potential) final selection(s) and delete the rejects
Open your selected file(s) in Photoshop to start creating CD COVER ****
Finish creating your artwork as a CD COVER
Save it in TIFF FORMAT with LAYERS
Merge Layers (Flatten)
Apply Sharpen
Save it in JPG FORMAT for printing,

In stead of opening a file in Photoshop, you remain on Lightroom and open your selected file(s) in Photoshop to start creating CD COVER ( by “Edit in Photoshop” from Lightroom interface). When you are done with everything, save it. Your saved new file will be automatically imported to Lightroom whereas the other does not. That’s the difference.

**** CD COVER:
You can also create CD COVER TEMPLATE at this time so that you don’t have to repeat this process in the future (if you are thinking of doing multiple of these) 805-637-0158 (mobile)


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