Three More Days/ あと三日/ Tres màs dias y no màs

I’m going to start packing things up tomorrow Tuesday.  I had my studio for past 13 years, and all I can say about that is Thank you Thank you Thank you I am forever grateful.  I had a good run.   Now, it’s time to start doing what I have been talking about for… uh, 17 years… or almost 18 years.   I’m a TOSHI-OTOKO, and I saw my birthday related numbers five time in a raw for a period of 4 ~ 5 minutes. I’m calling it SIGN.  It was really interesting.

Folks that are just walking around downtown SB, if you like to stop by and say hi, I’d very happy.  I will take pictures of us as I pack my studio lighting equipments. 3/29~3/31 LAST 3 DAYS – I want pix of you with my Headless Black Teddy Bear (It’s one of my book project I’m currently working on)

Photographed March 2009



2 responses to “Three More Days/ あと三日/ Tres màs dias y no màs

  1. Are you coming to Japan in a few days?
    Have a safe packing and safe trip :)


  2. 行けたらいいね、でもちがうよ。あと3日で、スタジオを引き上げます。そのあとは、いろいりとやること、あるので、日本への、進行は夏か、夏のあとですね。でも、もうなんか、まちきれないです


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