I just have to say “wow”. This is another amazing story. I cried.

For one quake survivor – Hideki Akaiwa (43) in Miyagi Prefecture is on the news with Forbes, LA Times and other foreign media for him rescuing his beloved wife and his mother on his own in spite of dealing with unimaginable devastation after the earthquake and tsunami.
宮城県で地震と津波により被災したものの、妻と母親を救うために自ら救出活動した43歳の男性、アカイワ ヒデアキさんが、ロサンゼルスタイムズやフォーブスなどの海外メディアで報じられ、話題になっています。

Hideki was at work a few miles away when the tsunami hit, and first thing came to his mind was about his wife whom he had met 20 years ago while he was surfing at a local beach. He could not (nor wanted to) wait for relief workers since there was virtually no information on whether they (relief workers) were out there searching for survivors, and Hideki was not about to sit there and wait for their (relief workers) arrival or some kind of info on his wife and his mother. He decided to take the matter in his own hands. He suit up with his wetsuit and scuba gear jumped into raging water with unfathomable danger.

Hideki had to swim underwater about 200 yards (183 meter) to find his house which was submerged under almost 10 feet of water. There, he finally found his wife at the upper level of his house where lucky air pocket kept her alive. “The water was freezing cold, dirty dark and scary, and swimming in it was immensely difficult when all sorts of floating wreckage with lethal intent around you, he recalled.
200ヤード(約183メートル)ほど水中を進んだアカイワさんが目にしたものは、10フィート(約3メートル)近く浸水した我が家の姿でした。アカイワさんが辿り着いたとき、彼の妻は家の最上階、わずかに空気の残る場所にいました。「水はとても冷たく、暗く、恐ろしかった」「瓦礫の中を進むのは非常に困難だった」  無事に妻を助けだしたアカイワさんはそう語ります。

When he could not find his mother at rescue shelters, he returned to the water and the place where his mother was last seen. As he expected, his mother was left behind in a flooded home, and was very much in panic,” Hideki said. ”When Hedeki found his mother, she was surrounded by rushing water, and was trapped at the upper part of the house.”

When Hideki was interviewed by a Southeast Asia Bureau reporter why he risked his life to save his wife, he simply replied; “She is a very important person to me”


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