Studio Closure/Sabbatical Update

Studio Closure Notice   スタジオ閉鎖のお知らせ
Sabbatical 長期有給休暇

I did not plan to (nor wanted to, really) let go of my studio; however, my sub-lease plan fell through, my being a toshiotoko, SBJPG needs my sole attention, R&R and to spend time with my folks, I have closed my studio operation as of yesterday… indefinitely.  I wanted to wait until today since yesterday was April Fool’s day and all, I thought I’d just be laugh at :-)  ha ha ha.

Most of the feedback (support) I’ve gotten have been positive as supposed to dwell on the past of less exciting to me than my future.  (ピーター公園) That’s right, now people of the earth, no time for feeling funky about things in the past!

SBJPG’s operation and its advancement will not be affected by it.  So, stay tune for upcoming events and news!!  (We are planing on upgrading “Intercultural series” for next two years, as well as our standard Professional Development Series and Social Meetup Series.)

Soul Sabbatical Update:
Change of the game plan.  Possibly up to Two-Year-Sabbatical, but then again I am arguing with the idea of having such a plan defeats the purpose of taking this break to begin with?   More I think about it, I  need a good chunk of time for what I’m about to do with SBJPG if I were to do this right.  and more and more and more I think about it, it feels less like a Sabbatical.  Well, it’s a Sabbatical for my Soul, and foundation building for the beginning of SBJPG.  I can combine those two, can’t I? (or am I asking too much here?)

By the way….
SBJPG would like you to paint for us for Santa Barbara’s iMadonnari 2011.  We will sponsor you.  What does it mean?  We will have a space for you to paint at SB MIssion and pay you basic painters supply fee.  Please contact us for a meeting, so use whichever means necessary/desire to secure your spot, paint and be a representative for SBJPG/Santa Barbara Japan Photography Group and let the World know your creativeness.

– We’d like to see your work.  Send us a brief bio and a link(s) of your work. (direct link preferred but not important)
– We’d like to meet you in person.  Call and make an appointment for an interview.

iMadonnari 2010
iMadonnari 2009
iMadonnari Old Mission Santa Barbara


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